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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning 5/6AA.  I hope you are all well and making the most of the spring sunshine.  Here are your tasks for today:


Go to - home learning- year 5 - summer term week 1 -lesson 3 (complements to 1).  First watch the  video and then complete the worksheet by clicking on get the activity.  Once you have finished you can check your answers.


Please click on the file below.  The answers are on the last page so you can check your work when you have answered all the questions.


You are going to continue writing your newspaper report.  By now you should have decided on a topic to write about, planned your introduction and written down some quotes and connectives that you could use.  Today I would like you to write your introduction.  Use the Captain Tom newspaper article from your reading task to help you.  Have a look at some newspaper reports online to see how their introductions to the article are written. Try to use a thesaurus to help with your vocabulary.  Once you have written your introduction, I would like you to read it aloud to your self to make sure it makes sense.  Then read it aloud to someone else in your house and ask them if it makes sense.  Next check it for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Once you have done that please complete the facts or opinion worksheet.  I have also included the newspaper report plan and the checklist again.

Mrs Walkers group A


Please click on the files below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's group B


Please click on the file below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read page 1 (the newspaper report about Tim Peake).  Then answer the questions on page 2.  Check your answers on page 3.  


You are going to continue with your newspaper report.  Yesterday you should have:

  • written a headline
  • decided who the newspaper report was about
  • decided what the report was about
  • decided when and where the event happened

Today you will plan your introduction.  In the introduction you will sum up what has happened in a few sentences.  Make it interesting - you want grab the reader's attention.  I have included the newspaper report from yesterday. The introduction is written in red.  When you write your introduction remember to include:

  • who
  • what
  • when 
  • where

Plan your introduction first on the planning sheet and then write it out in neat in your book or on the computer.

Whole class

Afternoon work

Click here and choose one of the songs (my favourite is The Bonkers Song).  Sing it as loud as you can and get your family to sing along with you.  

Watch this video about Ramadan.  Then watch this video.  Now complete the Ramadan research questions.  Next have a go at doing the Ramadan future plans activity jar.  When you have completed all of that you can have a go at making a lantern.  If you don't have any paper or card just use whatever you can find like some old wrapping paper or a cardboard box.