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Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday 5G


I know some of you had fun with yesterdays Science, thank you for the photos, it is great to see your faces.


First lesson this morning is Maths, we are going to do the next lesson on the White Rose Maths. As always, watch the video, do the worksheet and check your answers. There is also a Flashback 4 on there - I know you are missing your morning work.

Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) - Lesson 3 - Complements to 1


For Guided Reading today, I would like you to look at another newspaper article. This one is a bit of fun, some of you might get some inspiration for a bit of free writing or drawing if you do, I want to see it. But I don't want to give too much away, so have a read and answer the questions. 

For English, we are going to carry on with some newspaper article skills. So one of the key skills is to know the difference between Fact and Opinion, reporters can get in a lot of trouble it they print the wrong information. So complete the worksheet and think about what facts you could include in your newspaper article and then you might want to add an opinion of an eye witness. If you do add a quote you will need to make sure your speech punctuation is correct, this link will take you to a clip from BBC Bitesize as a refresher.

So hopefully you have noticed I have made a couple of new folders.


The Photo Gallery has got two videos in from some members of class and I would love to add more so get started and send me your photos or videos so we can share them (Parents or Carers will need to give permission). It is so good to see you having fun at home.


The other new folder is Music, Mrs Martin has found an amazing free resource that you can use to learn words and actions to lots of different songs, like the ones we sing in assembly. Have a look there is something new for every day of the week.


Finally, I have added a Religious Education folder. At the end of this week many of the Muslim children in school will start Ramadan, I would like you all to look through the work and video clips and complete a few comprehension questions and the activity sheet.


If you fancy a bit of fun after all that hard work. I have found a mail a hug idea and thought it was super lovely. So the idea is you think of someone you are missing or who is missing you and you make a hug (see picture below). Then on your daily walk pop it in the postbox to arrive with whoever you can not go and see. I think some of you will get really creative with this one. If you want to send me pictures I would love to see them.


Stay safe. I will speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside