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Wednesday 24th June

Morning wonderful people.


I hope you're all well and happy!


The weather is absolutely glorious, so I'm in a great mood today.


You can all expect a phone call from either myself or Mrs Ahmed today. We have certain children who are wishing to come back to school, so we've decided to ring round you all to say hello, see how you're doing, and to see if you would also like to start back.


I'm really looking forwards to speaking to your parents and guardians, and hopefully I may get to speak to some of you as well!


Last night we went to go and sit in my parent's garden and had some dinner. It was lovely, as Seth absolutely adores his granny, so to see them playing silly games was great. 


Speak later - enjoy your day of learning!

For maths today we are going to work on finding the area of parallelograms.

Watch the video before completing the sheets - you can also use the powerpoint to help. 


Mrs Walker's group A


Today's lesson is about place value using part-part-whole models.  Complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's group B


Your lesson today is about fractions.  Click here to watch a video to remind you how to add and subtract fractions.  Then complete the worksheet below.

For writing today it is all about being creative. It is National Writing Day, so there is a challenge that the BBC have set out.

I think you will really enjoy this one - and it is only 24 words worth of writing!

You need to think really carefully about every word that you use!

For reading today, you are going to complete the questions based on the first chapter of The Boy in the Striped pyjamas. The focus task you did on Monday will definitely help you with this task, so I would have that alongside you to help!


Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read Pet Care of a Hamster and answer the questions.


Correct the sentences on the worksheet below by adding capital letters, full stops and question marks where they are needed.


Your first lesson on the plague (which obviously is relatable to what is currently happening in the world) is about the symptoms, the first attachment is a gruesome experiment you can do (if you have the resources).

Hope you had fun with the new learning.