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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello my lovely class,


I hope you’re all doing well! I spent some of my morning in school yesterday with Mrs Ahmed, Miss Anwar and Miss Rathor. It seemed so strange being in school without you all. I miss you noisy bunch!

I also had a go at the Joe Wicks PE session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you have had chance to also have a go!



David Walliams has announced that he will be uploading FREE audios of his stories everyday at 11am. I can't wait to hear what he will read today.


I have also seen that Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing will be running LIVE dance classes on Facebook from 11.30am. This is definitely something that I will look into.


Today’s maths work will continue to look at Fractions on the White Rose Maths website. You should've already completed lesson 1 and 2. Today’s lesson is called 'Tenths’. 

Like mentioned before, there is a video to show you what to do, a worksheet to help you practise and then get someone to mark it for you using the answers. This will be a new concept for us as a class, however I hope the video helps you to understand what you need to do. If you are still unsure, look on BBC Bitesize or find videos on YouTube to help you.

For your second maths activity, we're going to use our Abacus workbooks. This is going to being in charge of your own learning. You need to find an area of maths that you've found a bit tricky either this year, or in the past, and complete 2 pages of work on it. This should be done in your exercise book. Get someone to check it if you need to.


I would also like for you to spend about 30 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. You could even arrange to play against other children in our class.


Have a go at the problem of the day in your exercise books. 




In SPaG today, I would like you to have a go at one of the Classroom Secrets Kids activities. You can access this by clicking Year 3 è GPS è Year 3 Antonym Matching Activity 1



Remember, you also have some SPaG activities to do in your home learning pack as well as some Guided Reading comprehensions.



Start with another 30 minutes of reading your book. I want to challenge you to have completed at least one Accelerated Reader book by Friday. I will be checking, at the end of this week, how many children have completed an AR quiz this week, so make sure you get started as soon as possible!

Remember - You can read your books on your own, to an adult or brother and sister, or even your teddy. It’s up to you!



Every Wednesday you have a lesson of science, so today I would like you to have a go at one of the activities in the science activity grid.

It is up to you which one you would like to try and I can’t wait to find out how creative you have been!



If you finish those tasks, have a look in the Computing folder and complete the next step towards finishing your toy on Scratch


I know it's all very strange and you might be feeling down that you have to stay indoors all the time, but I hope you know that I am thinking about you all and wishing we were all in school together.


Like always; Stay safe, keep smiling and I’ll see you soon!


Speak to you tomorrow.

Miss North