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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hi 3/4M


I hope you are all well and are working hard but also enjoying quality time with your loved ones. 


I had another busy day yesterday. We started with Joe Wicks PE lesson (I am still aching now). After a shower and freshen up I worked with Jacob doing some reading, spellings and maths. He is a whizz at his 10 x table and may join us when I arrange our TT Rockstars competitions!! In the afternoon, I carried on with my e learning and then recorded the first chapter for our bedtime story. One or two of you may have seen this, as I posted it for a short while but had to delete it temporarily as we discussed some copy-write issues. Hopefully all this will be sorted today and I will post our first chapter tomorrow.


I hope you have all had a productive day and have managed to access the online sites that I recommended. 


Todays Work:


Maths: Year 3, Lesson 3 on White Rose which is tenths - watch the video and then complete the worksheet.

Year 4, lesson 2 tenths as decimals - watch the video and complete the worksheet. 

Both year groups can have a go at both lessons. 


Reading: Can you please complete one of the comprehensions that was included in your learning pack. Also try to spend 20 minutes reading your AR books. If you are ready then do an AR test. 


SPAG: Year 3 - Introducing and recognising the present perfect form in sentences.

Year 4 - Determiners and prepositional Phrases.

Feel free to have a go at both if you wish to. 


Have a healthy lunch and spend and hour with your family.


In the afternoon, have a look on the Fixby website at the design a rainbow task. Create your own rainbow using whatever materials you choose. Many children around the world are designing their own rainbows and putting them in their windows to show solidarity. Let's create our own Fixby set of rainbows to show our support. 


Access the Computing folder in the School Work section. Can you do a little bit more work towards completing your toy? Please make sure you only work on your toy, DO NOT touch anyone else's work. 


I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow. 


Quote of the day:


In a world where you can be anything

Be Kind.


Love Mrs Martin. xx