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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning again 2S and your parents. 

I hope you're all fit and well. Boris Johnson gave another speech on Monday night and so there are now even stricter measures in place to keep us safe. The key message is to stay at home. Please follow this advice as I want you all to be safe.


I'll be listing today's work tasks below.


Remember that Joe Wicks is starting each day with a PE lesson live on YouTube at 9 o'clock. (I had great fun doing it with my girls, especially pretending to be a kangaroo!) In between activities, you could try some yoga, Supermovers activities or Go Noodle dances. All of the links are on the 'Activities to do Indoors' page. Just click the links.


Also, David Walliams is reading a story live each day at 11 o'clock:


Let's start with a really uplifting task: A while ago we read a book about the weather which included rainbows and even double rainbows. Linked to Coronavirus, rainbows have taken on new meaning. Children everywhere are drawing, painting and making rainbows to put in their windows to remind people to keep smiling. It would be lovely if you could be part of this. There are some ideas right at the top of today's page.


Handwriting and Spelling


Practice this week's comparative adjective spellings (with the -er suffix), copying the handwriting on the spelling sheet in your home learning pack.

In yesterday's folder there was a Phonics Bloom Suffix game. You can play it again, if you'd like to. 

Here are some other adjectives that can be changed into comparative adjectives. (Most need the -er suffix, but there are a couple to trick you!)


Write out your own sentences using any of the comparative adjectives in beautiful neat handwriting. Make sure that tall letters are tall and that any tails hang down neatly below the lines.smiley


Start with a Flashback page again. (Saved in the Maths Folder) You should be on Week 1 Day 3 today.


This week we have been looking at pictograms. Today I would like you to make your own.


Here are some ideas:

Sit at the window for 5 minutes and count cars of different colours.

Count the knives, forks and spoons in your kitchen draw.

Use the telephone to call or text 10 members of your family and ask them which is their favourite colour.


Do a tally chart first and then a pictogram. Here are some examples:

Write some sentences about your pictogram.

Try to use more than, less than, fewer than, altogether.

Finish off with today's problem page:


There are lots of fix-its needed in these sentences. Remember every capital letter and full stop. Also check spellings and check that the verbs are in the correct tense, e.g. running/ran.



We should be doing PE today. Check out the Gymnastics shapes video in Activities to do indoors. Practice all of the moves, then make up a routine. Can you teach it to someone at home?



In the Topic folder there is a grid of activities linked to our topic: Paws, Claws and Whiskers. This grid is also in your Home Learning Pack. Which activity will you choose to do? Some are quite quick activities, whereas others will take longer to complete. Have fun!


And finally, don't forget to keep reading! Reading aloud is so important - impress your family with how fab you are!

Check out the reading folder for ideas of activities to do linked to your book, too.