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Wednesday 25th March

Good morning to the wonderful (and not so wonderful cheeky) people that I refer to as 6R-H.

2 days in to the week, and we yet to have anybody on the tracker! That must be some sort of record. 

Today was the day I've found most difficult out of all of this so far. With the new announcements from Boris Johnson, things really started to hit home. Myself and Lauren have made the decision to not see our parents or her grandparents anymore in order to help keep them all safe. Whilst they all understand, they were very sad, as they won't get to see Seth for at least 3 weeks. What I'm trying to tell you, is that it's fine to feel sad, or anxious or even angry at the minute. Try and talk to family about it - it makes things easier. As we always say in class, do you know what's good for these negative feelings? Correct, Maths! If you or your family are feeling down, do some maths!

I worked from home today (it is now Tuesday evening). I set myself the goal of getting ahead in my planning. Instead, I spent most of the day sorting out and organising the school system - considering the state of my desk if Mrs McCauley is not there, I think you'd have all have been incredibly proud of me. 

Hopefully you've seen on Facebook that teachers are doing good morning videos. It is my turn on Friday! I will also have a special guest (Seth is going to join me on camera). Make sure you check it out, and leave comments as to whether you think I could be the next Youtube sensation!


Following my discovery of the name Meru yesterday, I was thinking about how it would be a wonderful nickname. What do you all think?


Anyway, let's get on with it!


You know the drill by now! First up is PE - each day Joe Wicks will be doing a PE video for children at home. Exercise is going to be vital if we are stuck inside. Rest assured, I will be doing this as well.


Maths: Today we're going to use our Abacus workbooks. This is going to be you taking ownership of your own learning. You need to find an area of maths that you've found a bit tricky either this year, or in the past, and complete 2 pages of work on it. This should be done in your exercise book. 

Your 2nd maths activity is on Classroom Secrets Kids. Sign in to your account, then go to maths. The activity you need to find is titled 'Year 6 Word Problems Place Value 1


Reading: Start with another 30 minutes of reading your book. I hope you are at the stage where you're hooked by it and don't want to stop. Remember, when you finish a book, you should complete an Accelerated Reader test - your log in details are on the letter we gave in your packs.

Your 2nd activity is again on classroom secrets kids. Go to the reading tab of year 6 and have a go at 'Year 6 Magazine Article Reading Comprehension Mother’s Day'.


Grammer: Go to Classroom Secrets Kids. Click on Year 6, GPS. Common Misconception Words 1 and 2. 


Enjoy a healthy lunch and some exercise - see if you can complete a minute of the plank. I did 95 seconds of the one where you are in press up position yesteray - that's the target to beat. Remember, bums down, backs straight!



Today we are going to do some Science. Go to the Science folder, and choose an activity - it is completely up to you which one you think sounds the most interesting!


You can then work on Computing. Access the second set of Code for Life levels - 13-18. You need to find the shortest routes today, so think carefully!


Take care of yourselves, and your loved ones. If at any stage you are feeling down or agitated, please know I'm thinking about you, and wishing we were in school having fun, doing maths, and making harmless fun of each other.


Mr R-H