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Wednesday 25th March

Lets warm your brains up!

Hi 5G


So hope fully you all tried the Joe Wicks work out yesterday, I had a go. It was hard work especially as Olive (the crazy puppy) wanted to get involved and kept biting my feet. I'm sticking at it though, I'll be super fit when I next see you.


I also put a link on the School Facebook page for David Walliams - Elevenses, he will read a new story aloud each day at eleven o'clock - we all love David Walliams stories they are always so funny.

This is not an excuse not to read, I need to see you are still quizzing.


Now for today's tasks. First job is Maths a bit of revision of bus stop method. This video goes through it step by step and I have attached a worksheet (bottom of the page) with some for you to try at home.


English, the Classroom Secrets KIDS has a spelling test so I am going to set you these each week, its interactive and should help remind you of the words we have learnt so far this year.


I have attached a reading comprehension (bottom of the page) about some lucky lottery winners, the answers are on the third page so you can check your work.


Also, have a look at past and present tense, again this is interactive on Classroom Secrets KIDS.


We would normally have topic on Wednesdays, so I thought it would be good for you to choose an activity from the Topic Grid. It is in the home learning pack but I have also put a copy on the Topic folder. I've also watched one of the Frozen Planets that we haven't watched - I think I'm a bit obsessed with all the super funny penguins.


You can then work on Computing. Access the second set of Code for Life levels - 13-18. You need to find the shortest routes today, so think carefully!


Finally, I saw this online and thought it was a lovely idea. Children all over the country are putting a picture of a rainbow up in the windows of their houses to keep everyone smiling. See news article below. I know how you all love a bit of art and crafts, I wonder whose will be the most creative - I've done one already (photo below). I want to see your masterpieces, so ask your grown ups if they can upload your rainbows onto the comments on the school Facebook link about Rainbows I put on yesterday.


Keep smiling and I'll speak to you again tomorrow.


Mrs Garside

Lets finish with lots of reading today 5G!