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Wednesday 25th March


Good Morning Everyone! 


Happy Wednesday! Let's give a 'truck driver' to Wednesday!



How are you all? We're nearly half way through the week! Closer and closer to adventure Friday! Hooray! Today you have a special treat! Miss Smith has made you a video! Yay! 

She has made you a video all about Rainbows... can you have a go at making your own rainbow? You could post it to the school facebook page. Don't forget to choose which story you would like at the end of her video :)


GROWN UPS: A few of you have asked about the 4-60 month statements I've mentioned in our videos. I include a link here:

Also, we love the pictures you're sending through and have been told we can share the children's work but not faces or names because of GDPR. So we'll start sharing their work too :) 


RECEPTION: Did you try Mrs Atkinson's Speedy Sounds video? How fast can you do your Phase 2 & 3 sounds? 


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: We did Joe Wicks again this morning and enjoyed it. It's a very postive way to start the day. We then did some work and made sure we're still learning, but we took it a bit easier today. 

This afternoon we went out for our one walk into the hills near where we live and it as beautiful. The sun was warm, there was a lovely breeze and everyone was happy. We had a few cheeky sweeties in our pockets to snack on. 

Here's a picture of Nora & I and one of Holly too! 


Mrs Atkinson: It has been a busy day in my house. We did lots of colouring, digging for worms and went out for a little walk as well as doing the teacher homework Mrs Allen has asked us to do. We have been reading lots of books too. Iris's favourite at the moment is 'You Choose'.

I also showed Iris 'pop se ko 2.0 which is my favourite Go Noodle song. If you want to do Go Noodle at home you can sign up for free or search for 'Go Noodle' on YouTube. 

Have a lovely day today!


Have a go at your daily work in the Maths and Phonics folders. 


We miss you all. Keep Learning!


Miss Day, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Newburn, Miss Smith and the EYFS Team x

Miss Smith & Rainbows

Rainbow Sentence With Miss Day