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Wednesday 29th April 2020


Start your day off by doing some sort of PE - it can be following a Joe Wickes workout or you can do something else - skipping, running, riding your bike, hopscotch, football, anything! 



  • This is our first lesson on our Money topic. Please complete Lesson 1 - Pounds and Pence. 
  • Complete the worksheet
  • Self-mark your answers in a different colour. Alternatively, a grown-up can mark it for you.


  • We've only got a couple more days before the Accelerated Reader quiz scores are totaled for the month. Please try to do as many quizzes as you possibly can!
  • I have attached a Year 4 reading assessment booklet for you do to. We will focus on one text per day. Read the text then answer the questions. I have attached the answers but mark your answers when you have completed all of the questions in the assessment booklet. The second text will be "Foreign Lands". Read the text thoroughly before answering the questions. 


It's spelling test day! Ask a sibling or a grown up to test you! I wonder who will get 10 out of 10 today?!

Here are next week's spellings to learn for the test on Wednesday 6th May 2020




Some of you really enjoyed the Stop Animation Task last week and wanted to do something else involving a bit of technology. You really enjoyed your computing lessons with Mrs Buttery, where you were making a toy. If you haven't finished your toy, do that first. I thought you could have a go at creating another one as it has been a while since you last did Computing. 


Here are some instructions I have found that Mrs Buttery has written. 


You'll need to go on to and login using:

Username: fixbyy34

Password: fixbyschool

If you can't find your toy, check the trash folder. If it isn't in there then start again. 


Remember, these are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Design your toy (Sprite 1) 
  2. Design your button - this is your input (Sprite 2) 
  3. Create an output for your toy (Costume 2) - don't forget my tip of duplicating costume 1, just click and hold down until the option to duplicate pops up. 
  4. Code your button. 
  5. Code your toy. 
  6. CHALLENGE 1: Can you make your toy switch back to costume 1 after a 10 second wait?
  7. CHALLENGE 2: Can you add another costume (output)? Do you need another input? (button)