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Wednesday 29th April


Morning Fixby Family!

How are we all this fine day? 


The sunshine seems to have disappeared for now doesn't he? Let's call him back!


I took some photos of our classroom on Friday when I was at school and I thought you might like to see? 

What is your favourite part of our classroom?




What did we do yesterday? 


Miss Day: I did LOTS of jobs again for school and for Mrs Allen while baby Nora was asleep. I got lots done though which is good :)

Baby Nora has some new 'reins' so we can help her stop wobbling and falling over. We all had a turn at 'walking the baby'! It made us laugh! Here is Holly walking Nora - we even tried them on Holly to see if they fit her - they did! 


Have you tried sending us an email yet? We always reply. Have a go! 


Mrs Atkinson: Like Miss Day I did lots of jobs for school when Iris was asleep. Although that didn't last for very long. I did an exciting experiment too. I made a video to show you. Maybe you could give it a go.

Lava lamps!