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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Good morning 1S! laugh


How are you this morning? I hope you are enjoying our ‘Weather and Seasons’ topic so far! I am back in school and I am setting up our classroom. I am still missing you all lots! Please continue to try your best with our activities. 


As you may have noticed on the front page, there has been some re-organisation of the class folders. I will be continuing to put work in the 1S folder for now.


This is the link if you would like to start with a Joe Wicks workout: 


Here are some activities to complete today:


Phase 5 Alternative Spellings /ur/. You will need to log in to access this game.


Username: march20

Password: home




Phase 5

Then scroll down to ‘Phase 5c Interactive Resources - Weeks 8-30’ and find ‘Alternative Spellings /ur/’.


In ‘Phoneme Spotter’ you need to see how many different graphemes you can find for the /ur/ phoneme- you could list the words. In ‘Word Sort’ you need to read the word, then sort it to the grapheme used.



Remember, you need to be able to apply these different spellings in different words. Can you write some of these words?


Please continue to practise your '01.06.20 Spellings' for our test next week. 


Start each day with a page from the Flashbacks. They're saved in the ‘Maths’ Folder. Remember, this will consolidate what we have already learnt! You should be on Week 8 Day 3 today. Did you get 4/4 correct?


Warm up: Can you fill a cup to different capacities and describe it? Think about the vocabulary we have learnt.  


Access the Home Learning Lesson 3 - ‘Sort 2D shapes’ from White Rose Maths. We have already covered some 2D shape activities in school so you should be fairly confident with this.


1) Watch this video: 

Year 1 - Lesson 3 - Sort 2-D shapes

2) Here is your activity. If you can’t print this off, could you write your answers down on a piece of paper?

3) Here are the answers. Can somebody mark this for you?

Here is a problem to finish with:


Break time

Time for a break! Go Noodle- Tight Rope.


Today you are going to read three more poems about spring, two of which can be sung to well-known tunes. Think about which is your favourite.


Poem 1:


 Poem 2:


 Poem 3:


Copy and complete this sentence:

My favourite poem is __________________________________. I chose this one because ________________________________________________________________________.

I would now like you to write out one of these poems (or you could choose from the poems that we have done on Monday or Tuesday) in your best handwriting. You could then perhaps give it or send it to someone in your family to cheer them up. You might even like to make it into a card.


Top tips:

•Leave clear spaces between words.

•Sit the writing on the lines with the descenders (tails) hanging down.

•Make sure tall letters are tall enough.


Here is a border if you would like to use it, or you could make your own with little pictures that match your poem.


Guided Reading

Let’s look at the next part of the story and see if your predictions were correct. You can listen to the story from the beginning again if you like. Stop listening at 3.19. 


You can pause the story at any time to answer the questions.

The Smeds and The Smoos

There is also a fun puzzle to complete at the end! Here are your tasks:




Today we are going to do some Art work. We are going to create a picture of Castle Hill during a specific season. Remember, we have already created a painting of Castle Hill in school when we had a visit from local artist, Roger Davies.


Have a look at these photographs of Castle Hill. Which season does each picture represent? How do you know? What can you see? How does the picture make you feel?

Your task is to create a picture of Castle Hill during your chosen season. You can use any plain paper. Focus on sketching the outline of the Castle, then carefully add the detail. You can colour your picture using coloured pencils, felt tips, paint, crayons or any resources you have. It would be lovely to see a photo of your completed creation!

I hope you've had a great day!


Miss Sykes laugh