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Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Today's lesson will be: Lesson 3 - Fractions of quantities


Here are the worksheets:



Today you will be exploring 2 types of maps; physical maps and political maps. Open the document below, and answer the questions. You may need to do some extra research if you are unsure of an answer. Here are some tips:

A political map can show:


•country boundaries;

•cities and capital cities;

•seas and oceans.

Political maps do not usually show any physical features.


A physical map shows the physical features of an area such as:

•major rivers and lakes (shown in blue);

•relief (shape) of the land;


•landforms such as volcanoes.



Today we will continue our work on Marshmallow. Yesterday you wrote an amazing description of the monster. Today you are going to predict what happened next. Let's watch the first video to remind us what has happened so far...

Marshmallow Clip Lesson 1.mp4

Still image for this video
From watching that short clip, can you begin to write a short prediction about what you think might've happened next? There is a sheet attached below for you to write on, or you can write this in your exercise book.
Now that you have written your initial predictions, watch the next video below. This video continues on from before and shows what happens next.

Marshmallow Clip Lesson 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Can you now write a description of what happened next, using the video to help you?



Today we will be exploring a map of the UK. In your reading activity, some of you will have already explored political and physical maps. For your geography work, complete the activity below (there is a blank map attached for you to print)...