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Wednesday 3rd June

Morning Year 5 


It should say Work Hard Wednesday, I have lots for you to do today. I hope you are all back into the routine of home learning by now. If you need any help don't forget you ask your grown ups to email me. 




Further revision today, Fractions of an amount something we have done lots in the Arithmetic test practice. White Rose website links and BBC Bitesize are all here for you.

Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June) - Lesson 3 - Fractions of an amount

Attached are the worksheets, answers and a challenge.


Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's group B

You are going to use the bus stop method again, but this time you will use four digit numbers.

Guided Reading

We have some more poetry to look at today - 'My Longest Journey'.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the information on the Blast Off file below and then answer the questions. You can check your work when you have finished.


Today you are going to thinking of some noun phrases and start developing a poem of your own.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the Sea Poem Example and then use the Sea Poem Template to create your own poem about the sea.


This afternoon I would like you to go to the BBC Bitesize page on Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy.

There are some videos and activities. Why not investigate further? There is a lot in the news about how the way we have been living in Lockdown has seen a decrease in the amount of pollution we are producing. Why is this?



Finally, lets have a go at a Joe Wicks from earlier in the week.

If any of you have found other online PE lessons you are enjoying, why not share them with me so I can let everyone know about them?


Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Garside