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Wednesday 3rd June

Morning all.


I'm just two days in to being back at work, and feel that normality is starting to return. It's been so nice to see those of you who have been back. I still think of everyone of you each day and I've kept asking those in school about how the rest of you have been getting on.


I'm writing this on Tuesday, and will be having a bbq tonight to celebrate the last of the great weather. I hope you all do something which you enjoy too.

Lauren has bought Seth a water pistol, and the two of them got me with it yesterday - I plan to get my revenge tonight - something to do with buckets, water and heads!

I'll let you know in more detail tomorrow.


Have a great day. 

For maths today you are going to look at ordering Fractions, decimals and percentages.

Watch the videos and then complete the sheets:

Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below to get your work for today.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today you are going to use the bus stop method again but you will be using four digit numbers.

For reading today I'm going to leave you the text for chapter 1 again, and then you should do the retrieval and inference questions. 

For Writing I'd like you to continue to develop your story writing skills. 

This will focus on settings and the use of fronted adverbials.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups 

Read the information on the Blast Off file and then answer the questions.  Check your work when you have finished.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups writing

Read the Sea Poem example and then write your own poem about the sea using the Sea Poem template.


Today's science lesson about Magnets is from BBC Bitesize -

I think many of you will have magnets to try some hands on experiments around the house. Are there some materials you know are magnetic and some you are surprised are not magnetic?

The attached powerpoint has further information on magnets and magnetic force and its uses.

There is also an amazing youtube video on some experiments that will definitely wow you!

Have fun with your science experiments. Stay safe and I will speak to you tomorrow.