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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning! laugh


How are you today? I hope you enjoyed your tasks yesterday. I know that you will be working super hard at home!


Here are your activities for today:



Please click the correct folder:



Guided Reading

Here's part 1 of our story for you to read yourself today. Click the PowerPoint.


Let's start with today's Flashback. These are all things that we have done before but doing these Flashbacks help to keep things fresh in your mind.



Here is a game to recap finding 1 more and 1 less. Choose the option for numbers to 20.



We are going to continue our work on subtraction. You are going to take a number away and find out how many are left.


Click play to watch the video below:

Here is your task:


Here is your Now Try This challenge to finish with. Scroll down for the answer.

















Topic (Geography)


L.I. To know the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom.

What can you remember?
What do you already know?




Design Technology

This is our last activity for today and I think you'll be very interested in what this is leading to.


Click on this PowerPoint:

Have a look around at home to see what toys you have with wheels. Have a close look at them.


Now have a look at the images on this presentation and make sure that you can identify a wheel, an axle and the chassis on each one. (You don't need to print them out.)

We hope you've enjoyed the work and got lots done!


Miss Sykes laugh