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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning again 2S,


How are you felling today? I know this is all very strange, but I know that you will do your very best.


Here are today's tasks:


Guided Reading

Here's part 1 of our story for you to read yourself today. Can you read it as well as Zara?

Here's the text on 1 page too. Practice reading it until you can read it fluently and with expression.


Let's start off with today's Flashbacks which help you remember things that you have already learnt:



Today we're concentrating on the 10 x table. You may think this game is easy, but I would like you to think about the different ways that the questions are worded.


When you open the link, you will need to press 'Play game' and then choose the x truck. Next you will see this screen. Please select x 10.

Write down all of the different ways that mean the same as x 10.


Do as many questions as you want to and then exit the game. You may want to set a 2 minute timer to see how many you can answer.


There are a few of you who haven't got 10 Gold. (If you've got it skip past this bit!)


You know that  4 x 10 = 40 so 40 ÷ 10 = 4


but you keep mixing up these questions:


0 x 10 = 0            10 ÷ 10 = 1           10 x 10 = 100            1 x 10  = 10        100 ÷ 10 = 10


Have a go at 10 Gold now.

Can you write your own question about boxes of chips?


Here's a PowerPoint that we have made for you. It starts off with revising the /ph/ sound and then introduces you to an alternative spelling.



Topic (Geography)


L.I. To know the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom.

What can you remember?
What do you already know?



Design Technology

This is our last activity for today and I think you'll be very interested in what this is leading to.


Have a look around at home to see what toys you have with wheels. Have a close look at them.


Now have a look at the images on this presentation and make sure that you can identify a wheel, an axle and the chassis on each one. (You don't need to print them out.)

Wow - what a busy day you've had! We hope you've enjoyed the work and got lots done.


See you tomorrow.

Love from 

Mrs Stansfield, Miss Bramald and Miss Rathor