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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning 2S,

How are you today? I'll be in school with a small group of children who will be completing their daily tasks and I'm planning to bake some wartime scones with them. Perhaps you could choose one of the recipes from the V.E. Day grid, too.


Thank you to all of the parents who have replied to the email that I sent out on Monday. It's great to hear how you're doing and I've been able to add more photos and videos to our fantastic folder.


There are just two days left of school work this week as it's the special bank holiday on Friday, so here goes:



Yesterday you did the activities on slides 2-4. Today I'd like you to do the rest of the activities. Start the PowerPoint by pressing play and move on to slide 5.

For slide 7, you'll need to write out your sentences on paper.

The final slide is a pairs game. You're looking for pairs like screw and unscrew. If you find a pair, you get another go. Who will win? I played against Lilia and she well and truly beat me; in fact, she was so lucky with her picks that I didn't even get a turn!

Don't forget to practise your spellings in beautiful neat handwriting, too.


How did you get on with your blog yesterday? Have you checked your spellings and made sure that every capital letter and full stop that is needed is in there? (We don't want anyone having to hold their breath for too long, do we!?) I'll bet some of you have shown off your skills with commas, question marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes, too. Any that I receive will be added to the photos and videos folder.


Here's one of my favourite pictures from the Bob - the Man in the Moon story: 


Re-read the story to remind yourself what is happening here.


Today, I'd like you to try out this game. When you open the link, choose the green 'Number bonds' circle. I'd like you to practise all of the games in the Bonds to 20 box. If you want a challenge try out the Bonds to 100 games, too.

Now, you'll need to find today's White Rose Maths lesson. It's in Summer Week 2 (scroll down to open this up) and then find Lesson 4: Problem Solving.

This is what you're looking for:

Work through the video, using the pause button so that you have time to think and to answer the problems on the sheets.


Today's Reading task is linked to V.E. Day and comes in three different levels with answers: 

Special work for V.E. Day

Each afternoon this week, I would like you to choose an activity (or more than one if you wish) from this grid. What did you choose yesterday? Today, I'll be making the Wartime scones with the small group of children who are in school.

Remember, if you click on the underlined links they will take you to recipes, code information, dance instructions and much more. What will you choose to do today? I can't wait to find out. Remember to let me know through emails, photographs or videos. Have fun!



Here's the grid of ideas:

If we were at school today, we would have been doing P.E. Can you fit in some extra exercise today? I sent your parents lots of games to play on Monday. The document has also been added to the School Work page inside the PE star. You could learn a new game to play when we go back to school.


Well, that's all for today. I hope you've had fun!

See you tomorrow

Love from 

Mrs S xxx