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Wednesday 6th May



I hope you're all having a good week - it's the penultimate day (2nd to last), as you get Friday off this week!


As I'm writing this, Seth is asking me to go outside (at 7:05), so I think i'm in for a long day, we got up at 5!


Days just seem to merge in to one and other now - but I am nipping in to school today to get my laptop checked. It's amazing that this now seems like something exciting, just because it's something different. I also plan to go on another large run (even though my legs are very sore from the last couple of days).  


Yesterday I cleaned out my car, and built a BBQ that we had bought - you'd have all been so proud of me!


Anyway - enjoy your day - some fun activities on there for you to try.


For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's based on fractions and going over some work we've done previously in the year. Fractions play such a big part of life in year 6, so it's vital you are really secure with these. Week 3 lesson 3.

Watch the video, do the sheets, then mark your answers. 

This one is about adding fractions. 

Next, for Guided Reading we are carrying on with the WW2 information texts. I think this one might be my favourite. We are learning about Anne Frank, it is quite thought provoking at the moment as she was locked away, hiding from the Nazis for a long time and her diary tells the story of her life in a kind of lock down. Her diary is definitely something I think all of you should read at some point in the future. The answers are on the last page.


For English I'd like you to focus on the use of relative clauses. These are great for adding description.

Finally, we are looking at the VE day activity grid again (I have attached it below). Whilst looking today I have found some information on BBC Teach, a video and links to lots of information about WW2 if you want to do a bit of extra research.