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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning


I had some more emails and pictures yesterday, so check the Photo Gallery to see what your class mates have been doing. Don't forget I am waiting for your pictures as well. Everyone wants to see what you have been doing, because we all miss you.


Mrs Martin has given me the link to the new music for this week, follow the link and see what is new.  


Then, for Maths we are looking at the White Rose Home Learning again today.

Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May) - Lesson 3 - Divide with remainders.

This is a bit more practice on division with remainders, using bus stop method. I have added a few more links to the interactive games in the Maths folder so you can have a look there. Also, below is a challenge for any of you that want to take it on.

Next, for Guided Reading we are carrying on with the WW2 information texts. I think this one might be my favourite. We are learning about Anne Frank, it is quite thought provoking at the moment as she was locked away, hiding from the Nazis for a long time and her diary tells the story of her life in a kind of lock down. Her diary is definitely something I think all of you should read at some point in the future. The answers are on the last page.


Then, we are going to look at another Spag activity mat. You know what to do with these by now. Don't forget BBC Bitesize can help with anything you are not sure of.

We are looking at the VE day activity grid again today (I have attached it below). Whilst looking today I have found some information on BBC Teach, a video and links to lots of information about WW2 if you want to do a bit of extra research.

Because it is so sunny today, I thought it would be a good time to try out this sundial science experiment I have found online. Follow the link and using the equipment you will probably have around your house have a go at making a sundial in your garden.

This website has also been added to the Science folder as there are loads of amazing, sometimes messy but fun science experiments to try at home.

A final reminder before I say goodbye for today. I hope you are all still reading and quizzing on the Accelerated Reading. I am loving finding time during my lunch to read a bit extra everyday. I am reading lots of the texts you will be looking at in Year 6 - they are fantastic. This link takes you to the free audible stories (audio books), there is a Harry Potter, classics like Alice in Wonderland and one of my favourites 'Five Children and it' - I know they have just made it into a film (I watched it) the book is better. 


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Garside