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Wednesday 8th July

Good morning!



Today we are rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. 

Mrs Walker's group A

Today you are going to use bar models to help you solve money problems.  Complete the bar models before you try to answer the questions.

Mrs Walker's group B

Today you have two worksheets on division to complete.  Before you start the worksheets, go through this website to remind you of the method to use.

Guided Reading

Read through Chapter 6 again, and have a go at answering the questions about the characters in Children of Winter. 

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the information about Emmeline Pankhurst and answer the questions.


For your diary extract, you have thought about senses and emotions, and put these into complex sentences. Today, you start to write your diary.


Focus on one section at a time. Your paragraphs should flow in consecutive order:

· Catherine was woken by knocking on the door—felt relieved. Thought that her mother was coming to stay with them.


· Tried to run to her. Confusion when mother jumped away. Felt rejected.


· Mother told her about Grandma Tebbutt. Worried for the safety of her family.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read the letter and underline all the mistakes.  Then rewrite the letter correctly.


Today we are learning about London in the time of the Plague. We'll look at what London was like, why the Plague spread so easily, and then what London did to prevent the spread of the disease.