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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Hi Year 3


Wow!! I had a really busy day yesterday. In the morning I did some online training with some of the other teachers and ETA's in school. After this, I had quick lunch and then met with Mr Raven Hill to talk about Maths in September. Finally, I had to rush away from school to get to my house and log into another meeting with Kirklees all about how we can get involved in more Art and Music activities next year. 


When I had finished, I collected Jacob up from his grandmas and then I picked up a take away as I was too tired to cook!! I had a lovely chicken kebab and chips. I really enjoyed it but need to be extra healthy tomorrow!!


I hope you had a good day. I look forward to hearing your news. Please send me an email and update me about what you have been doing. 


Love from 


Mrs Martin. 

Hi Year 3! 

I can’t believe how busy this week has been so far! Yesterday morning I had a meeting with Mrs Stansfield to talk through getting ready for September with my new class (I will you miss you 3N!) I then did lots of planning for our new English topic in the Autumn term before having a quick lunch and then doing some more planning in the afternoon.
I also helped some of the TA’s to get some displays finished off around school. I must admit, I think they look great!


Today, I have a couple more meetings in the morning and then I am back with the Key Worker children. After our success of making cupcakes last week, I think we may bake either a cake or some cookies this week.

Remember to keep in touch and email us with updates on what you’ve been up to.


Speak soon.


Love from Miss North x



Today's maths lesson is about adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s. This was an area of focus for 3N, so take your time and focus. Remember to think carefully about which column of your place value grid will be changing.



Today's reading activity is based around a poem called 'Bed in Summer'. Read the poem, then answer the questions attached.



Have a look at the plan you wrote yesterday for your new mountain. Today we are going to be using those ideas and are going to put them into sentences.


A description should have lots of powerful and creative vocabulary and our writing should create a greater impact on the reader. Try to include lots of adjectives, expanded nouns phrases and metaphors. You can also use personification (where you give objects human like features e.g. the wind hissed in the distance).


We are going to structure our writing into paragraphs. We are going to be writing in the first person and in the past tense. I have included an example below to help you.


Tropical Mountain

Tropical mountain was a majestic place, full of tropical palm trees that stood tall like soldiers. Beautiful hibiscus flowers of every shade lay neatly in the luscious greenery. As I soaked up the beauty around me, I noticed toucans flying high in the sky.


You can either write this in your exercise book or you can use the writing sheet included below. 



Follow the link and learn more about the digestive system and teeth.

This guide contains:

  • six videos to explain the digestive system and its different parts
  • two activities on the digestive system